Thursday, November 10, 2016

Electing Trump (1)

Not sure how I may do this, but I'm finding myself biting my tongue a bit on both Social Media and Forums/Message Boards a bit.

So I may just start including things that I don't there, in here.

I likely won't be sharing this anywhere of course, but if it finds others per websearch, or a reader here, that's fine.

My 1st thing just to ask/point out.

Why are people explaining their vote for Trump as "needing change" or "something different," when if they actually considered why they did for that reason, "Change" and "Something different"..whether it be outside of Traditional Politicians/Washington, etc or just different than whose in office can be understandable. However, changing for THE SAKE OF CHANGING is hardly a justifiable reason in that making a change, especially as drastic with someone of Trump's character, lifestyle, etc..could quite easily make things A LOT WORSE.

Sure, it could and very well may be a lot different, but there are many others who would change things and would not be a traditional politician or similar to the current regime, that still would have been a lot less volatile and risky.

Given him and Hillary, the obvious safer vote is Hillary.

I said this many months ago, whoever wins this election should really only serve 1 term, assuming there is a more appealing candidate to come in 2020.

The Silver Lining could be, having Trump as President will inspire someone to become so appealing and intriguing, that it could be the best thing to happen indirectly.

However, surviving 4 years until then, or even less if he were to get impeached (and then have possibly the even worse Mike Pence as our temporary leader), is the challenge we see that inspirational candidate come.