Monday, November 28, 2016

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

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I finally finished watching it into the wee hours of the morning last night.

I give it overall a thumbs up and certainly as somewhat of a fanboy of much of the history of the show, I'm happy to have had any reunion/new content.

I probably would go for analyzing it more in depth, and I likely won't again, but maybe something will get me to. Even with the impending big entries on the Music side coming.

Rory's new boyfriend was dumb. Her judgement to be with a guy like that makes me wonder how much she matured in the 9+ years.

-The Scene with the Musical was more or less a WASTE of time. Other than the fact most of the audience would agree with Lorelai, except I and most fans would have lambasted the group and ideas. But then again, I didn't quite know why Lorelai was even involved. The best part of it was having Carole King.

-Kirk and Michele were hands down the funniest parts besides the Lorelai Rory tandem. Not unlike the original show, but I think they stood out for comic relief in these episodes more than ever.

-I liked the use of "You Bring the Summer" even if it was in the background, although 98% of the GG audience I'm sure had no clue it was from the new album from The Monkees.

-Logan, while it was nice to bring him back, was sort of convenient, and at times reeked of the terrible Season 7. Granted, I guess I wasn't appalled by him being in a lot of the series logistically.

-No Max?..the cameos at points seemed shoe-horned other than Jess and

-Of course Sutton Foster, and the Parenthood cast (Mae Whitman, Jason Ritter and Peter Krause) were funny but also convenient to throw in. Ray Wise I actually liked.

The ending..which is biggest point of contention for many. I get why people are outraged about ****SPOILERS***** Rory being pregnant, not actually showing Lorelai and Luke's wedding and not having the Gilmore home situation resolved. Even Lorelai and Emily are not re-bonded which might have made sense to finally ending the show. And the Book, I get that, although, I would have had her write it along with her Journalism career. Amy SP wanted to use her failed career as a device to move back and write it. I guess I'm too much of a champion of Rory's talents that she still would be working professionally around the country if not world. It's what Richard would have wanted too I imagine.

Not enough Lane of course. Really not much of an update on the band, their kids, etc.

Sookie's excuse for being gone was just last minute. If they have another reuinion movie/mini-series..Melissa has to be a lot more involved. As well as other cast like Jackson, April, Paris..although how she ended up working at a Surrogate clinic is baffling, almost how Rory still wouldn't be gigging as a journalist.

Oh and the baby might not be Logan's, but the Wookie-costume dude we only heard about.

But overall I enjoyed it. It reminded me how much I loved this show and miss it. And how Lorelai and Rory could easily be saying Shawn and Gus lines from Psych and Vice-Versa. Comedic, Clever Pop-Culture dialogue, if done and delivered well always works (unless I hate the actor like DiCraprio).

Get James Roday to appear in the next one, or get Lauren Graham cast in a Psych movie or Mini-Series. Ray Wise and Sutton Foster have done both, Lauren and James need to work together as Lorelai and by Amy and Steve Franks.

In my and my Psychic-Crapfest Psych-er Podcast co-host's dreams at least, John Costello. if it ever happens, I will have to reference this!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Electing Trrump (4)

Not Over Yet: Russian Involvement Confirmed, Electoral College Should Deny Trump The Presidency 

 As I posted on FB, this likely doesn't mean much if anything, but if it somehow did, it could create even more Drama.

 Then again, this could be 1 of literally millions of stories like this that we'll see. Huffingpost though, while not The NY Times, is somewhat credible from memory.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Electing Trump (3): Documentary idea

This is just something I posted on Social Media yesterday.

if Michael Moore, Bill Maher or someone else does make this, I would be totally in support of it. But at the same time, I'd like to think I came up with this idea on my own (although it would not be surprising if others also thought of it).

Maybe a Facebook Group has already been Created?

"American Refugees from Trump Presidency?"

someone should make a documentary of Americans leaving the country per Trump's winning.
Show them talking about why they are leaving and when they are packing up, making arrangements, etc
Then show where they move to, moving, etc and interviewing them again at that point.
Then a 6 mos, 1 year, 2 years later, interview with them again.
Also maybe include any online or real-life communities or networks they may be involved with others who've done the same thing.
If I had the time and money, I would totally try and make this.

Electing Trump (2)

I give him a max of 6 months after the inauguration on January 20th, 2017, before his the vast amounts of personality flaws are manifested to show up in his words and even worse, ACTIONS as president to show all the people who voted for him that it wasn't purely to get attention and get elected.

Or that

1) He's a pathological Liar

2) If not that, he is that way, not just in what he says, but his personality, character and actions will show just what we got in this abomination of a mistake.

For those who voted for him just to not vote for Hillary, it will prove to have been better for them not to vote at all, or write-in Bernie or Jeb Bush or whoever else they wanted instead.

For those who voted for Trump purely to not vote for Hillary, I almost look worse upon than those who genuinely wanted Trump as President.

again, 6 months.

July 20th, 2017, if not earlier. If he hasn't embarrassed or displayed that personality that was highly evident for the last 18 months, than I may actually give an ounce of credit. Granted, that hardly seems like it'll give him a massive radical personality change. The man is 70 fucking years old afterall. Far too old to be able to change his personality that dramatically.

But then again, the opposition may eventually get to him so much, he may decide to resign even before the 1st 6 months.

But, President Pence we may find just as many personality flaws, although at least we may be able to guess on them already given how traditional of a Republican he is.

Electing Trump (1)

Not sure how I may do this, but I'm finding myself biting my tongue a bit on both Social Media and Forums/Message Boards a bit.

So I may just start including things that I don't there, in here.

I likely won't be sharing this anywhere of course, but if it finds others per websearch, or a reader here, that's fine.

My 1st thing just to ask/point out.

Why are people explaining their vote for Trump as "needing change" or "something different," when if they actually considered why they did for that reason, "Change" and "Something different"..whether it be outside of Traditional Politicians/Washington, etc or just different than whose in office can be understandable. However, changing for THE SAKE OF CHANGING is hardly a justifiable reason in that making a change, especially as drastic with someone of Trump's character, lifestyle, etc..could quite easily make things A LOT WORSE.

Sure, it could and very well may be a lot different, but there are many others who would change things and would not be a traditional politician or similar to the current regime, that still would have been a lot less volatile and risky.

Given him and Hillary, the obvious safer vote is Hillary.

I said this many months ago, whoever wins this election should really only serve 1 term, assuming there is a more appealing candidate to come in 2020.

The Silver Lining could be, having Trump as President will inspire someone to become so appealing and intriguing, that it could be the best thing to happen indirectly.

However, surviving 4 years until then, or even less if he were to get impeached (and then have possibly the even worse Mike Pence as our temporary leader), is the challenge we see that inspirational candidate come.