Wednesday, October 11, 2017

COSMIC JOKE: Existenialism, Life, Death, Human Bodies

How can we be reincarnated if our Brain which contains our Memories did not exist before our Body was created?

All the celebrity deaths, tragic deaths on the news (Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Shootings, Fires, Kidnappings, in bodies of water) and my age (41) along with my current and I'm pretty sure impending Medical issues have me thinking about this stuff.

This video was hardly the 1st or even recent thing I've seen and thought about this, but it does bring up some things I've never thought of or knew.


I mean in the grand scheme of our understanding, having your body expire isn't all that important. But when it does, us in a human body at this time and place, our brain, heart, memories, etc are just gone.

I guess I'm starting to feel insignificant. Everything I've experienced and known really. The planet and sun may die out and all matter that we understand will revert to being Stardust.

And our Galaxy, space, etc something will happen to it, but the Human race and all life forms aside from maybe insects and amoeba perhaps will not around to experience it anyway.

And if time is totally different than we understand it as humans and life on earth/this solar system and galaxy, then it may not matter. Everything that we know and do is just a big Cosmic Joke. We're just killing time in a sense.

But since I don't know of anything before my body and brain was created, than why would I know something after my body expires and is converted into another form (energy..that I do believe, the energy in our body does go somewhere after our bodies stop using it).

Maybe I need to understand more about Metaphysics to believe other parts of this. We do only use like 25 or 30% of our brains as I have read/heard. If we used more, like 50 or 60% maybe the understanding of time and life in a linear perspective, will be understood before and after our brain and bodies stop using the energy in it.

Friday, January 20, 2017

President-Impeach Trump

1461 Days until the next Post-election-January 20th. Anyone got a time machine?

Then I'll be able to miss this, lol.