Monday, March 21, 2016

REACT TO Watchmojo Top 10 Underrated Movies 1980-2016

So here's the series did with Underrated movies. And while there are a few on each of these I can get on board with (The Dead Zone certainly), I have posted many (but hardly all) of my favorite movies from each decade I see as underrated or just criminally unknown and under-appreciated.

Like most of these, I don't bother with the Best of All-Time which is just a compilation/ranking of all the movies listed in each list anyway.


My comment:
The Dead Zone, They Live and Local Hero make sense. But there are so many other underrated movies from the 80's that could have been included. Especially comedies. Moving Violations would be my top pick.

I didn't go through my list of ratings to include in that comment, but had I, just quickly to add besides Moving Violations (an all-time favorite of mine).

Night of the Comet

The Hidden
Running on Empty
Cinema Paradiso
Someone to Love
Where the Buffalo Roam
Dressed to Kill


New Waterford Girl
Whale Music
Manny and Lo
The Spanish Prisoner


My Comment:
The Jacket? 
The Science of Sleep? Never Been Thawed? Snow Angels (the Sam Rockwell movie I would include on here, not MOON as it seems that's the most mentioned movie of his career now, lol). Transsiberian? Sleepwalking? The Square? Brick should be on the most OVERRATED movies of the 2000's. THE LOOKOUT is the Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie that should be on this list, or frankly, just more well-known.

To add:
In the Bedroom
Funny Haha
The Motorcycle Diaries
The Machinist
Wrong Side Up
Alpha Dog
Michael Clayton
Synecdoche, NY
Easier With Practice
Fish Tank


My Comment:
It's a Disaster? God Bless America? Sound of Noise? The East? Short Term 12? (the best thing I've seen Brie Larson do) The Sessions? Everything Must Go? Begin Again? Even the Rain? Winter's Bone? Exit Through the Gift Shop? The Ghost Writer? Safety Not Guaranteed? Ruby Sparks?