Thursday, November 7, 2013


I've found myself paralyzed to an extent about work, lack of the ability to listen to new music, or be able for others to understand my situation fully.

It's not just new music.

And then with 3 family pets gone in the last month, and a friend in the Hospital along with my gf's mother in the Hospital. And it seems time keeps going by, I seem to have acquired some kind of depressive state of mind about time, space, my own life's history.

Things change so fast, I am depressed when I think of when I was younger and the future; how more things and people will be a thing of the past. 

I also wish I could display, preferably on video, how I am unable to listen to much music at work now, and how I used to be able to listen to so much at work in the past.

I wish I could find a way to display the work I used to do, and do now. But I'm unable to really, other than describing it in words.

I also have come up with an idea for a story, really a premise, that probably loosely has been told before. It is about a person who instead of a day, is stuck in A YEAR. This person lives within the same time frame, only each year after December 31st (or another date, maybe their Birthday), the clock, year, etc stays the same. The mentality of everyone and thing is from that same time frame. The only thing that is different is this person and their knowledge, age, etc. It's sort of Groundhog day or Groundhog Year in some ways.

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