Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Division I NCAA Football Goes to 4-Team Playoff

This is BABY STEPS. Of course the guy interviewed mentions how it "preserves the regular season" which is just a big load of hogwash. How is expanding to a playoff not "preserving" the regular season? Ask the folks involved with Division NCAA Basketball if their regular season is "preserved"? How about Division I-AA, Divison II, NAIA and the countless other examples.

Baby freaking steps, because until it gets expanded to at least 16 teams, the idea of getting the TEAMS PLAYING THE BEST AT THE END OF THE SEASON, i.e. the best teams at the time of the post-season, this is still limited. But, it is something, and it will get me to start paying attention a bit more.

But only a 4-team playoff until 2025? we'll see.

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