Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mockingbird Lane (Munsters Reboot, Bryan Fuller)

The title of the upcoming The Munsters reboot from Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls, Heroes, Dead Like Me) will be  "Mockingbird Lane"

from Wikipedia

Mockingbird Lane
Another remake, from Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller, is in development for NBC. A reboot of The Munsters, it is intended to be written and executive produced by Fuller as a one-hour drama with "spectacular visuals". It is to explore the origins of the Munster family and to be darker and edgier, while retaining plenty of humor.[8][9][10] NBC confirmed ordering the pilot episode in November 2011,[11] and announced in January 2012 that it would be called Mockingbird Lane, a reference to the Munster family address at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.[12]
It was also reported the costumes and make-up for the characters will be heavily toned down to resemble humans.
NBC has recently taken the pilot for Mockingbird Lane out of the Fall 2012 schedule, reportedly to give it more attention, so production will begin in the summer, indicating that the pilot will air in 2013.[13] On March 20, 2012, former The Riches star Eddie Izzard was announced by NBC as "Grandpa", the first of the prospective series' main roles to be cast.[14][15] More recently, British actress Charity Wakefield has joined the cast, playing Marilyn Munster, Lily's niece.

Also in this interview some more stuff about being like an American Harry Potter and plans he has to also be involved with a new tv series based on Hannibal Lecter:

You’re also adapting another remake, NBC’s upcoming series take on the Hannibal Lecter films.
I’m personally, as an audience member, not afraid of remakes. I’m afraid of bad remakes, which is unfortunately more commonly the case. Which is why I think people get up in arms when they see a remake idea — “Oh, they’re remaking something that’s been done before, what hackery, there’s no original thoughts in Hollywood.” But there’s a great quote that no art exists without the art before it. We’re doing our work to make our versions distinct and respect their source material. One of the things we did so well in the first season of Heroes is we delivered on each of those [superhero] metaphors. When you come to The Munsters and have Herman — who’s essentially a zombie in a constant state of decay — and he’s married to a woman who doesn’t age, there’s something very poignant there. These stories will surprise audiences.

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