Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Psych - Season 6.5 LEAP DAY Premiere (SUPER SIZED)

So, that video explains it more or less. They're going to add 7 minutes extra to the 1/2-season premiere I guess. Here's another trailer of sorts


 Plus some kind of preview facebook announcement

Be a part of the first-ever preview event of the Psych premiere exclusively available via Video On Demand (VOD) starting Wednesday, February 22. Watch it before the SUPERSIZED Premiere on Wednesday, February 29. Check your local cable provider and enjoy the early delicious flavor.

 And as I just replied there:

I'm rather confused how to actually FIND THIS. I have ON DEMAND via my Cable (Comcast) but today, Wednesday February 22nd, I don't see ANY free preview for season 6.5 in the "Psych" portion of the ON DEMAND. They only have episodes to watch from Season 6.0.

 but there's a little more noted here about the premiere. their official homepage urll is getting a makeover with "a series of customizable, sharable and insanely silly “Moving Album Covers” featuring Shawn and Gus channeling classic ’80s music archetypes." that does sound intriguing.

Although I still hope they consider trying to do a Psych-Out of the Phillip Bailey/Phil Collins 80's Hit "Easy Lover." It's just rather OBVIOUS as a song to have James Roday and Dule Hill try and sing in a Psych-Out or a promo.

C'mon, Shawn has a girlfriend now in Juliet, and the Black+White vocal dynamic really fits the mold and vibe of their other music renditions. But like many of mine and my Psychic Crapfest co-hosts ideas for Psych (and other shows), these opportunities often get brought up and ignored, thus become great, missed opportunities


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